Christine Brito is a Latin/ American Singer and Actress from Brooklyn NY. Christine was born into a large Latin musical family, and from the age of 3, has always had a passion and love for music and performing. The wood color coded piano with ivory keys is the childhood toy that Christine will always remember as the gift that sparked her interest in becoming a performer.

All throughout grammar school, Christine was in a variety of onstage performances, and took on lead roles such as Snow White in her school plays. She was the straight “A”, top student who never missed a day of school; an overachiever with big dreams and aspirations. At 6 years old, she was uprooted and moved to Puerto Rico with her mother and older brother where she quickly learned how to speak Spanish fluently before retuning to Brooklyn to attend St. Cecilia’s Catholic School. Upon returning she became a bit of an introvert and focused on education and academics, therefore putting performing on the back burner for a few years.

During Jr. High, Christine was actively involved in community charity events, and choir. She became the go to pianist for school events, and it was her junior high school teacher who inspired her to follow her heart and pursue a career doing something that would make her happy. It was not long after this that Christine decided to audition for La Guardia High School of Performing Arts in NY, however before she was officially accepted, her mother and father separated, and she was forced to relocate to Massachusetts and attend a vocational High School.

Christine had a difficult time at first adjusting to her new life. Without performing arts and music programs at her new school, Christine was in search of an outlet that would satisfy her desire and love for performing. At age 15, Christine was introduced to a local producer through a friend, and auditioned for his development program. She signed her first management contract and spent the next 5 years traveling and performing for events put on by the American Cancer Society and the Jimmy Fund to raise money for research and studies for children facing terminal illnesses. Christine was also very involved in the “Reading Is Fundamental” program with chairman Joanne Byron, Multi Cultural Festivals, the MDA Telethon, and Relay 4 Life. She was finally back on the stage doing what she loved.

Between 1998- 2000, Christine received a sponsorship through Mobile Beat magazine and began touring nationally and doing a variety of shows in Las Vegas, Boston, and New York. She has performed in front of audiences as large as 40,000. Christine was booked primarily to represent the Latin community, and her cultural background, multi- language fluency, and performance abilities gave her a competitive advantage in the industry.

During a show in Ohio, Christine was approached by entertainment attorney Sheldon Stark who during the time was representing Britney Spears. She had an opportunity to launch her latin career with the Buena Vista Social Club, however due to contractual management obligations, she was unable to pursue many career building opportunities such as this one, and was forced to wait out her contract.

After a life changing incident, Christine took a break from the entertainment scene for a period of time, and started working in the healthcare sector as a certified nursing assistant to experience a profession outside of the industry, in effort to have a sense of stability and a normal schedule. Christine also enrolled and was accepted into the nursing program with a 4.0 GPA. It was not long before she was unhappy and ready to get back into entertainment.

Christine enrolled in Dean College in Franklin Massachusetts to pursue a degree in Musical Theatre. It was during this time that she began taking dance and acting classes, and crossed paths with Angela Peri from Boston Casting who helped Christine get work on films such as Disney’s Celtic Pride and Paramounts,The Matchmaker.

After college, Christine became friends with a sound engineer for Def Jam Records named Joey P. Joey is currently an engineer, writer and producer for Mach 5 Productions and has worked on Albums with T.I, Ludicrous, Sean Combs, Rick Ross, Outkast, Ice- T, and many other influential artists. As this relationship developed, Christine had many exposure opportunities in the industry, however decided to pursue a career in Geriatric Nursing to focus more on making a difference in people’s quality of life and healthcare needs.

Christine then relocated to California in 2011 to follow her dreams in entertainment, and has been cast in a variety of independent films and television shows over the past few years. She has made appearances on Grey’s Anatomy, and Co-Stared in TBU Productions 3001 Reborn. Recently Christine was Taft Harley’ed and is currently SAG eligible, however is working as a non-union actress for the time being, and really pushing her voice over and music career.

In February of 2013, Christine was discovered by A&R Dani Thompson of DNT Entertainment, put together her first official studio EP with writing team Corey Bush and Daniel Martin ” The Assassination”, who are signed to a publishing deal with Perfect Storm Music Group. PSMG won a Grammy this year for Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger”, and have 7 of the biggest named writers on their team including Jorgen Elofsson, Ali Tamposi, and “The Assassination” writing team ( Corey and Daniel). These writers write for some of the biggest names in music today such as Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Phil Phillips, Mumford and Sons, and now Christine .

After the release of her English Album, Christine is now working on her Latin Album and tapping into multiple outlets to push her music. Christine is excited to create something close to her heart and to honor her heritage. She is teaming up with several well known Latin producers and songwriters. She is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Italian, has experience in Film, TV, and Theatre, is a member of the Recording Academy (Grammy’s), and is an all around triple threat in the industry. Christine’s music can be described as blues, jazz, pop fusion, and a taste of Motown. Her sound is relevant and timeless. Her current EP sound is flavored with Latin and modern sounds infused.

In 2016, Christine made the decision to launch a career in voice over. Christine always wanted to do something with her multi-lingual skill set and is looking forward to bringing her talent to an international audience. She is currently taking coaching classes and learning all that she can from the industry.


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